Rail Services - Rail Safety Training

Our staff of experienced rail professionals can assist with managing a single aspect of your rail operation, or can develop an entire safety and fleet management program tailored to your specific business. We provide the following support services: asset management, transloading site design, permitting, development, and setup, DOT Hazmat, Safety, RCRA and Hazwoper training, due diligence assessments, or a complete transloading management and operation. We have experience in Crude Oil, Refinery Products, Chemicals, and LPG gas. Our experienced professionals can help provide your company with a turnkey solution.

  • Evaluate

    Our rail service solutions start with providing a SME on site to conduct an on-site operations and procedures evaluation

  • Report

    After the completion of the on-site evaluation, TCA will provide a written assessment of your current switch and safety program

  • Recommend

    Using the findings report, work with a SME to develop procedures that follow industry best practices to ensure your operation is compliant and safe.

  • Train

    With a plan in place TCA will work with your employees to systematically implement updated trainings and process flows. We will provide classroom (conceptual) training and field-level (operational) training sessions. Each of these trainings will support your updated policies and procedures.

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Transloading Services

We can provide our transloading services as a complete transloading management and operation package or customized to your specific needs.

  • Transloading Site Design
    • Locate and Prep Rail Transloading Sites
  • Transloading Development
    • Air, Storm Water, Hazmat and Local Permitting
    • Security Plan and Procedures
    • Safety Procedures
    • HAZMAT Procedures
    • SPCC Plan (if applicable)
  • Transloading Setup
    • Emergency Response Plan
    • OSHA Safety Plan and Procedures
    • Environmental Plan
  • Transloading Training
    • DOT Hazmat Training  
    • Tank Car/Tank Truck Training
    • OSHA Safety Training 
    • RCRA Hazardous Waste Training

Railcar Tracking, Tracing and Reporting

Our experienced railcar analysts will track and trace your rail fleet, contact the railroads and get your cars moving.  Our analytical process will improve your railcar utilization and railcar turns.  We also provide daily reporting to your operations on empty and loaded railcars. Furthermore, our services include diversions and redisposition services. 

Rail Switch Safety

We have an experienced staff of rail and safety professionals, which are ready to assist you in assessing and improving your rail switching operations.

Our Rail Switch Safety Services are deployed in four steps: