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Hazardous Materials Training and Information
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Who needs hazardous materials training?
My accounting personnel handle the shipping paper and record the information for accounting purposes, do they need to be trained?
Do you conduct DOT hazardous materials training for tank cars and tank trucks?
Do you conduct OSHA Technician Level Training for Emergency Response?
Does TCA provide any additional hazmat services besides training?
How often must my employees be retrained in hazardous materials?
What if I have a question or need help after I am trained?
What if I require more than a single training?
How do I know if I need trained?
Do the DOT Regulations apply if I ship a consumer commodity?
Do you offer online training?
What is required for DOT training?
How often do I need to be recertified?
Who is considered a “hazardous employee”?
What is hazmat registration?
Can civil and criminal penalties be imposed to an individual and/ or to the company?
What is an example of a civil penalty?
What is an example of a criminal penalty?
Can the DOT come into a facility and make a random audit or are they required to give you advanced notification?
If DOT would come into a facility what will they ask you to produce?
Describe who needs to be trained in the DOT regulations at facilities?
Is it acceptable to place the correct ERG number according to the hazardous material that you are shipping on your BOL in place of attaching your MSDS or SDS?
Why are they changing MSDS to SDS?
What is an overpack?
How does an overpack need to be properly labeled according to the regulations?
Can every hazardous material be shipped using the limited quantity exception?
Can a limited quantity of a hazardous material be shipped in a single package?
Where is the hazardous materials table located in the DOT manual?
Is it acceptable to list hazardous and non-hazardous materials on the same BOL?
What is commerce and how is it connected to the DOT regulations?
Can a shipper provider a truck driver more than five placards?
What is the difference between a flammable liquid and a combustible liquid?
Where in the DOT manual you can find the appendix of marine pollutants?
Where in the DOT manual you can find the appendix for reportable quantities?
What is a "Consumer Commodity"?
So, is a "Consumer Commodity" considered "hazmat" or "dangerous goods"?
What does "ORM-D" mean?
What are the exceptions in the regulations for ORM-D materials?
Do Consumer Commodity Shipments require Hazard Labels?
Is there a "Consumer Commodity" Proper Shipping Name for Ocean Shipments?
What is the difference between IATA Class-9 Consumer Commodity and DOT "ORM-D"?
TCA Blog
TCA Blog
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